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a little about me....

A DJ with 25 years professional experience playing all genres of music.  I have made a name for myself by staying ahead of the competition with my music selection and mixing style.  I would best describe myself as a cut and paste dj, taking elements of different genres and putting them all together on the fly.   Being able to control the dance floor and energise the crowd.

The Past

Musician first, DJ second.    I learnt to play trumpet from the age of 8 and could read music from a young age.  When I got into secondary school I gained an active interest in dance music, especially the band The Prodigy.   I managed to persuade my parents into buying me a Commodore Amiga and I obtained a copy of Octamed, I was now making electronic music.  I was always buying music and had massive collection of dance music on vinyl and CD, at the time this was mostly US/UK garage, house music and hard dance.  One day, aged 18 I was in a local bar I used to go to with my dad, and the landlord knew I was into music.  He asked me if I would play some music as the DJ had let him down.  I agreed,  I didn't even consider it to be DJing at the time, I just enjoyed playing music to other people.   This became my first residency.  This then led me to the opportunity to do warm up sets in local nightclubs, then onto further residency's.  After some time I was then invited to do a set at the South Coast Weekender for Devious Events.  I ended up playing alongside Brandon Block which then opened the door into bigger brands like Ministry of Sound, Pacha, Egg LDN.  I managed to get some airplay in KISS100 with 2 of my remixes.   Well.... fast forward 25 years.... and here we are.   I'm still DJing, I love all genres of music and have fortunate enough to be the goto DJ in my area ever since,   and that landlord....  is one of my very best friends today.  

The Future

I am currently working every weekend, but I have cut back my workload over the years.  As you get older keeping up the pace becomes harder and harder!  I am still taking bookings for venues and your events.  I am capable of playing nearly any genre.  Please head over to my contacts page to discuss. 

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