A brief history....

Maxwell House's career started out when he was 18. Already a fan of dance music he used to buy alot of house and hard house records from local shops and had quite a vast collection of tunes.


One night he was in his local boozer the DJ didn't turn up, and he was asked by the owner (and now long time friend) if he would cover, he done so well that the regular DJ was sacked and he had his first residency.


Things swiftly moved on and soon he held residencies all over his local area, playing for event promoters such as Devious Events, Kinky Malinki and Sundissential. Sometimes he did guest slots at Ministry Of Sound and EGG. 

Its not all about DJing and partying tho, Maxwell House is a very accomplished producer. Playing his own remixes during performances and cutting and pasting other music into the mix he has a very cutting edge sound. He has been featured on BBC Radio One and KISS100.